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Message from the Board
Posted on May 4th, 2022

Dryer Vents- It has come to the HOA boards attention that 3 of the homeowners in Griffin Hall models (the ones along the back and side) have had dryer issues with vents getting clogged, dryers burning out and/or have excessively long drying times. After numerous crawls in the attic, it was determined that there is a booster fan in those units that was working in some homes but not others. Additionally, these homeowners were told that the roof vent for these dryers was incorrect. These homeowners and the board reached out to Heartlands new rep Josh. Some homeowners had their own booster fans and vents cleaned and fixed, while others called Josh who in turn sent out electricians and some guys on our roof to change out the vent cover there. The Griffin Hall models have a vent that is approx. 35-40 feet long, so the booster fan is necessary. You can tell that your fan works if when you turn on your dryer and head up to the loft bedroom closet closest to the bathroom it will be running rather loudly. We can also hear ours in the laundry room. Typically, it runs a little longer than your dryer does. We are unsure if any taller townhouse has a booster fan or have any problems. It has been reported by some of our homeowners in both types of townhouses that there is someone on roofs changing out vents, hopefully making it safer for all residents. This repair was not ordered by the HOA. Most things that go wrong on your homes will be between the builder Heartland and the individual owners. Please contact Josh Mowrey at 412-250-2648 or for any issues on this matter. Getting your vents cleaned is always a good practice in preventative maintenance as well.
Homeowner and Renter Reminders- No overnight parking is allowed on the streets. If you have a guest visiting overnight either have them park in your driveway or let someone on the board or CCM know the make,color and model of car and number of days of visit so that they don’t receive a parking violation. Please remember to collect your trash cans and put them inside by 10pm Tuesday evening after trash.
Capping Rentals- It has been brought to our attention that there are currently 20 rental units in our Fairmont Square community. Homeowners have become aware that more owners are thinking of moving and renting. We as owners and Board members believe that it is in our communities’ best interest to begin capping these rentals and reducing the number to closer to 10 percent total. We are working toward this and are in the process of learning more about how this is done. It is very important that our community be majority homeowner occupied. Please look for more on this over the summer.